Online Video Marketing

For Brands & Businesses

If your picture is worth 1,000 words, imagine how much more valuable your video will be.

At first, videos were left on the backburner of go-to tactics when online marketing became a thing. Today, videos are an integral part of digital marketing. Not only can videos be viewed and shared over countless social media platforms and advertising channels, but the potential to increase the number of viewers and level of engagement is exponential.

Consumers are more likely to share videos on social media and through emails and texts compared to articles and photos alone. When paired with other marketing activities, video assets can drastically improve marketing efforts and return on investment.

Not sure how to integrate videos into your marketing mix?

Consider these topic ideas:

  • Customer testimonials: one of the most powerful and extremely validating forms of content, raving reviews are a proven way to convert viewers into new customers
  • Product and Service Demos: take the time to describe and show how your products and services work and what they accomplish when used
  • How-to tutorials: one of the best ways to engage your new and existing audiences is to show how your products and services will solve common problems experienced by your customers, as well as creative ways to use or maintain products
  • Company culture: Often an overlooked topic, showcasing your company’s “human side” by interviewing team members will give your target audience an intimate, behind-the-scenes look at your company.

We can assist you with your video needs by:

  • Giving existing videos a lift with new voiceovers and modern music
  • Creating custom slideshow montages that include voiceover and music features
  • Using raw footage to cut and combine segments for an effective video message
  • Promoting video assets on social media channels for increased engagement
  • Uploading and optimizing YouTube videos for improved search visibility

Contrary to popular belief, videos no longer require big budgets anymore. We are able to produce high quality videos at reasonable rates. Our video marketing solutions for businesses range from made-from-scratch services or we can act as a supplement to an existing video team. Whatever support you need, we offer it in all areas.

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