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Start Conversations or Listen to Them

Twitter is a great place to understand what topics are trending online right now. Marketers who understand its potential know that “listening” is the key to successfully engaging in this channel. Being proactive on social media platform can help you identify people interested in what you have to say, or the topics relevant to your industry, products and services, and then allows you the opportunity to start conversations with those prospects.

Additionally, those who enjoy your tweets are more than happy to retweet your content, thus multiplying your exposure to a larger community.

You can create tweets to post images and links to your website, blog or other articles that your audience will find interesting. Furthermore, Twitter advertising allows you to target audiences by location, interests or who users follow.

Work with us to leverage this platform by:

  • Claiming your handle (account name) and optimizing your profile to match your company’s brand
  • Creating engaging, keyword-rich tweets catered to platform users
  • Using active listening tools to monitor trending topics, relevant hashtags and keywords and identify conversation opportunities
  • Connecting with and engage in influencer outreach to expose your company to prospects, clients and other business partners
  • Providing you with monthly reports to highlight tweeting impact and relevant conversations

We can help you use this platform to expand your marketing efforts through real-time conversations and connections with fans, customers and prospects.

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