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There are many conversations happening on social right now.

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Work with us and we’ll help you manage your chosen social media channels by providing consistent, engaging content. This includes informative articles to share on Facebook, to industry-related content on LinkedIn and sweetly short tweets on Twitter.

Channels We Can Set Up

  • Facebook: This is the best place to showcase your distinct personality by providing content to tell customers what your brand is about, prove your industry authority and show off what you do and how you can do it better than competitors.
  • Google+: Claiming your Google+ page and synchronizing it with your Google business listing is a surefire tactic for unbeatable web exposure. As the one social media platform that Google loves, it’s natural that being more active and having more content on Google+ would lead to better rankings.
  • Twitter: Use this platform to promote deals and coupons, announce upcoming events and listen to trending topics and conversations involving your target audience to identify users with problems your business can resolve.
  • LinkedIn: A great way to think about LinkedIn is to consider it as your business resume with information that you want your B2B prospects and potential employees to know about. This is a great place to display your professional skills and experience.

More social channels we're experts in:

  • Pinterest: “Pinning” rich media content including images and videos are what will drive Pinterest users to your website. This platform’s particular set of users are obsessed with their “boards” and collecting the best images to visually perfect their board so use it to your advantage to be part of those curated images.
  • Instagram: A social network as photo-centric as Instagram is the perfect place to build your brand by showing, more than telling, especially when you have products and services that can be easily captured. Although a picture is worth a thousand words, you can potentially make it worth a thousand dollars with the right post!
  • YouTube: With a customized channel, businesses can utilize YouTube to host videos specific to their company’s story, demonstrations of products and services, as well as customer testimonials.

Regardless of all the trendy social channels that are being released every day, our team is always in the know of what’s new and what’s hot. There are many other social media channels we provide management services for such as SnapChat, FourSquare and more.

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