Reputation Management Services

For Brands and Businesses

Are you keeping track of what people say about your business?

The days of relying on your next-door neighbor for local restaurant tips are gone. Nowadays, people all over the world can read and be influenced by recommendations from others globally through social media platforms and online forums.It’s important to track and regulate what previous customers and prospects are saying about you and your business.

Going without a reputation management plan could cause you to lose business from both new and old customers. An unnoticed, blistering review will damage your reputation, but with a proactive strategy, you’ll have the opportunity to quickly respond and mitigate negative comments in a matter of minutes.

By working with us, we’ll help you maintain a positive brand name through monitoring software.

Our resolution services help you manage your online reputation by:

  • Tracking any reviews or name mentions across social platforms and other media channels
  • Setting up alerts whenever reviews are submitted on well-known review sites
  • Generating positive reviews through customer incentive programs
  • Receiving notifications of brand mentions from major publications and other news sites, blogs and social networks
  • Responding to negative feedback in a timely manner
  • Sending you monthly reports that outline where your reputation stands and how it’s changing over time as well as tips on which parts of your business operations are exceeding customer expectations and what areas you could improve upon

On watch. On demand.

With our ability to listen and hear what’s being said about your business at any given moment, you’ll be confident that having our ears to the ground will keep your brand afloat. Through our reputation management services, you’ll be able to retrieve ratings and comments that live on the biggest review sites from Yelp! to TripAdvisor and more. Of course, we’ll work with you to broadcast the best reviews on your website and through your social media sites to reiterate your reputation.

Turning negatives into positives

One of the great things about working with us is that we’ll handle negative responses so you won’t have to. Once we spot a negative review, we’ll do a write-up and send it your way for approval. After we get your OK, we’ll post it to help reiterate your interest in providing stellar customer service by addressing an issue that needs to be remedied. Extending a sincere apology married with an idea on how you want to make things right will go a long way in turning a negative review into a positive one. At the core, when people complain, we understand the psychology behind the difference it makes to have someone listen and respond.

Make accurate listings a priority

Did you know? Ensuring that all your directory listings are 100% accurate could drastically improve your online presence! We can manage all the different listings that your business should be listed on based on your industry and on your location.

Having your account exist on directories will boost your online presence, and best of all, increase your visibility in local search rankings.

Does your business stack up against your competitors? Contact us to learn how well you’re doing in hundreds of directories and how you can improve your listings.

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