The Pros and Cons of Self Marketing For Real Estate Agents

You Can Do It All Alone…But You Don’t Have To!


Being a Real Estate Agent in a highly competitive area has a lot of challenges to say the least. An agent can quickly run out of hours in a day having to show homes, market themselves and respond to potential clients. Every successful agent knows the importance of prioritizing and delegating the small stuff. Marketing yourself and your services are an absolute must if you are to build a growing Real Estate Business.


The Pros of Self Marketing


There are obvious reasons for self-handling all of your lead generation and marketing, from financial benefits to long term customer relationships.


  • Tools – The ability to choose what marketing tools (like your social media platforms) to use can allow you to save time and money.
  • Personal Touch – The ability to personally introduce yourself and your products through door knocking, cold calling and networking has always been a crucial factor in resulting sales.
  • Control – Full control over marketing and advertising schedules and costs can allow you to steer the ship at your own pace.
  • Costs – No doubt about it, agents will always pay a cost when delegating marketing duties to a 3rd party but less doesn’t mean more.


The Cons of Self Marketing


On the flip side, generating your own leads can limit you in a number of ways and prevent steady growth when needed.


  • Time – One thing is for sure, time is money! Agents need to utilize all available time in order to grow their business. Spending time going door-to-door or making cold calls can waste precious work hours better used elsewhere.
  • Reach – Your territory can be limited if you rely solely on yourself and old marketing techniques to reach the optimum number or prospects. Social Media and Online Applications have helped Agents and Brokers grow into newly tapped markets at a fraction of the cost of time and travel.
  • Resources – Not everyone has the technological background needed to build their own marketing tools and lead funnels. Wasting time learning how to code will only set you back.
  • Business Investment – Investing in proven sales tools will produce results and picking the right ways to market your business will only enhance your sales numbers. Rule of thumb: Don’t put all of your chips black.


Having a team of proven system funnel real time local leads straight to your phone and inbox will not only free up much needed time to focus on sales…it will save you money!!!