Pinterest Marketing Services

For Brands & Businesses

Pinterest is a social media network driven by users collecting and organizing images, links and ideas onto “boards.”

When used strategically, your business can be among the types of multimedia users save to inspire and influence their purchases.

The way this social media platform works is simple: users “pin” things (usually images or videos) of interest from all over the internet onto original “boards” that can be followed by other users that have similar interests. Over 100 million users are pinning items that relate to what they’re interested in buying, doing or using. Businesses in nearly every industry could live in this hub to connect with new customers through hosting their content on Pinterest.

Over two-thirds of Pinterest content comes from businesses, so it’s clear that pinners will be open to your marketing in this channel. One way for your business to utilize this platform is to create a board dedicated to the products you sell online, therefore using it as an online catalog. Every time a user pins an image, that particular image, along with the information and link is saved within the pin, further exposing your brand to other users. Essentially, Pinterest is a great way to drive more eCommerce sales compared to any other social media site.

Work with us to help you:

  • Claim your username and optimize your account with your company’s branding and other pertinent information
  • Create topical boards and add photos of your product and service offerings
  • Organize captions and links in pins so that they point to your website and inform users of your company
  • Collect and curate content relevant to your target audience to attract and build a following for your pins, boards, and ultimately your business
  • Record and measure pin analytics to determine which images are driving the most amount of traffic back to your website

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