Lead Generation 101: Why You Shouldn’t Buy A List of Cold Leads

While gaining access to thousands of contacts are a credit card swipe away, there’s no denial that your company’s reputation, and your marketing program, could suffer tremendously from purchasing cold leads.

If you’re not convinced that buying cold leads for your company is the marketing kiss of death, then read on because this blog post is written for you. This is what could potentially happen when you purchase cold leads and attempt to make contact.




The thing is, good email addresses are never for sale and the people on a purchased or rented list probably have never heard of you, ever. When emails come through the inbox and a user sees that it’s from a company or someone they’ve never had an interaction with, the instant reaction would be to simply delete the email or mark it as spam.

On the same token, email service providers have introduced technology that attempts to filter out emails based on priority and suspicious activity. This could potentially cause your cold email to hit the spam folder without seeing the eyes of a prospect, making the pretty penny you spent on purchasing that email address a complete waste.


The Trickle Effect Of Getting Marked As Spam In An Email Inbox


Getting an email flagged as spam sounds like a minor hit at first, but the reality is that there’s actually a trickle effect to it. When your email gets marked as spam by a user, the email service provider will remember that action and will likely move your future emails into the spam folder immediately, rendering your marketing efforts as loss on investment.


Then Your Email Deliverability and IP Reputation Takes A Hit


As a result of your emails getting flagged as spam, your email deliverability and IP reputation will also be harmed. What this ultimately will mean for you is that regardless of if you’re sending to your regular email subscribers, or sending to new subscribers who actually took a moment to opt in, your chances of going directly to their inbox are lowered.

Some CRMs will even stop your emails from being sent! Infusionsoft has been known to be very strict about stopping spammy messages from being sent out (see more in their help guide about cold email throttling).




You might have heard the term GDPR being thrown around like a hot potato, but it’s no joke on how new data regulations are cracking down how companies capture and utilize data. While you may not think you are in any way affected by the GDPR, the truth is, you actually are.

Any company with proprietary software that accepts uploads of private data (contact information) has had to tighten their practices to ensure their compliance with GDPR. This includes the CRM you’re using or thinking of using, as well as any social media platform you’re placing ads on.

In general, CRMs don’t allow its users to upload purchased leads. You might be thinking that you’ve seen others get away with it or maybe you’ve experienced being solicited as a cold lead before. Here’s the thing: any data import to a CRM requires an acknowledgement and sign off of the company’s terms and conditions. Companies who have “gotten away with it” have simply checked the “I agree” box passively and have assumed risk for getting caught in the act.

Don’t make your reputation liable with the software you’re using to manage or communicate with your database. It won’t be worth it if you end up getting reported and find yourself in a lawsuit for wrongfully using information that was never meant for you in the first place.




Long gone are the days when people relied on their actual neighbors to decide which plumber to call or which restaurant to eat dinner at. Nowadays, people rely on reviews-based apps to discover and determine which businesses to work with, including yours.

This is a dangerous game to play, especially considering that most apps like Yelp, Google and Amazon don’t require a verification that the reviewer has legitimately used or purchased your products and services in order to write about you.

Additionally, people have been known to take full advantage of calling companies out on social media demanding an issue to be remedied.

If word gets out that your company engages in the purchasing of cold leads for revenue generation, not only will it turn off potential prospects, but it could do the opposite of what you set out to do and hurt your sales.




With today’s competitive marketplace, it’s no surprise that you have good intentions to attract the right type of leads to your business.

Work with Lead Funnel Makers to create marketing campaigns and funnels that attract your ideal leads. They’ll all be hot!