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Host a contest to engage your audience and build your email list

You’ve seen it everywhere on social media: brands and influencers are constantly hosting giveaways, sweepstakes, contests and other promotions to attract attention to their feed. With today’s technology to help automate processes and collect data, running promotions, sweepstakes and contests is easier than ever before!

Add that calculation with the exponential reach of social media marketing and you’ll garner results that will exceed your expectations. Contests and other giveaway promotions are a popular tool for creating hype around brands because of how easy it is for consumers to participate without too much commitment.

Why Give Products and Services Away For Free?

Launching a successful promotion or contest requires judgement and experience. One format may work well for consumers whereas another will sink in a B2B market. When done right, contests will generate excellent online engagement and provide benefits like:

  • Build an email list
  • Gain brand exposure and attract new prospects
  • Increase engagement with your customers
  • Better audience segmentation for smarter follow-up marketing
  • Increase overall revenue

From choosing the right kind of contest to host, advising on effective prizes, all the way to executing, we have all the tools to engage your audience and get people to sign up. From broadcasting it through paid ads, running a social and email campaign we’re ready to increase reach for great results.

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