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Are you familiar with what content marketing is and its value for your business?

Are you aware if your competitors blog or engage in content marketing? If you’re not already strapped with a game plan to do content creation, you’re missing out.

Content marketing is a business strategy that provides relevant, valuable information to consumers on any platform. Great content is easily digestible (meaning easy to read and understand) and provides consumers with information they’re interested in. Additionally, great content will attract, educate, and engage your target audience giving them a reason to stay interested in what you and your business can provide to them.

Here at Lead Funnel Makers, we specialize in content creation from graphics to blogging, video blogs and native advertising!


Not only would blog articles on your website add quality information for your prospects and customers, but it also increases your rankings and authority with Google. Essentially it will positively impact your visibility during online searches.

The best blog articles cover the following topics:

  • Details on your products and services
  • Frequent issues your audience goes through and ways to solve their problems
  • Technical information and trends from your industry
  • Tutorials on how to effectively use or manage your products and services
  • Case studies and client testimonials showcasing others who’ve had successful experiences using your products and services

Blogs are also a really great avenue for providing insight to you and your team, introducing a more personalized, behind-the-scenes feel to your company and allows customers a glimpse of your company’s personality.

To get maximum exposure and drive traffic to your site, we’ll ensure that your blogs are shared on your social media channels. Of course, all blogs will be fully optimized for keyword phrases that align with what your target audience searches for.

Native Advertising

Have you ever been on a website’s blog where you saw content created by other companies being promoted? This is known as native advertising and it’s a new form of marketing that many businesses are taking advantage of.

Through native advertising, you’ll be able to place your sponsored content within the stream of a publisher’s day-to-day content. This partnership will attract the attention of your target audience because your sponsored content will pop-up as something relevant to readers as they’re perusing through a website they commonly visit. This type of strategic placement works due to the level of trust prospective customers have for the website they’re on.

Contact us today to discover how we can utilize original blog posts and native content advertising to increase your company’s web traffic and customer base.

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